Aasta Hansteen - 2017

Decommission of sea fastening and tank inspection

Objectives phase 1:
▪ Vertikal Service delivered in-house planning of height relevant work tasks for the float-off operation in Stord.
▪ Operational scope consisted of installing instruments, decommission and sea fastening and assisting of other disciplines.
▪ Lifting operations ▪Course and training of height relevant PVU to other disciplines
▪ Welding operations

Objectives phase 2:
▪ After float-off operation, Vertikal Service carried out internal tank inspection (eddi current and CVI – close visual inspection) ▪Welding of ladders

▪ Approximately 6500 hours ▪Project deliverd as planned and no polution or insidets

Stord – Norway

4 RAT team and equipment / Rigging kitt / NDT inspection equipment

Furene 24, 6105 Volda 
(+47) 700 55 990

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