Statoil - RS SFA 2014

Internal inspection of piping for sea- and ballast water

▪ Inspection and repair of sea water pipes. ▪Rigging, splitting and lifting pipes/spools. ▪Welding of steel reinforcement and anode inside pipe structure
▪ Hydraulic tensing of bolts ▪Rigging and building of scaffold at top og flare structure
▪ Co-operation of replacing flare with Verteck
▪ Inspection of flare structure CVI and NDT (Non destructive testing)
▪ Producing WPQR and VPS for welding of Duplex structure
▪ Closing RS-tasks with Statoil mechanical dep.

▪ Successfully performed the inspection and repair of the sea- and ballast water piping with zero incidents
▪ All work and testing completed within Statfjord A-RS14 team timeframe and schedule
▪ Approximately 5000 hours

▪ Statfjord A, Norway

▪ 3 RAT teams, height tools, NDT equipment and hydraulic tools

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